fall semester of 2008 has flown by!


Wow! Can you believe that the fall semester has been flying by so fast? It is almost December and I am about to be done with the fall semester. While I was in high school, I used to think time went really slowly, but here in college, time flies. This semester has had its ups and downs with my school life, sports life, and social life.

            When I first came to Gallaudet University, I didn’t know anyone except one childhood friend. I went to New Student Orientation (NSO) week with my mom. It was pretty hard to leave my mom because I knew it would not be the same and I was pretty close to my mom. I didn’t say the final “good-bye” to my mom and my family back in California but I said “see you later” because I knew I will see them again when I get back to California for the winter break.

            The first month was pretty tough because I was trying to get used to being on my own without my mom being there. I still keep in contact with my mom and some of my family members. It is really nice to see my mom through videophone (VP) but it is still not the same because I can’t give a physical hug to her or my family. Like other people said, the first semester of the freshmen year in college is always hard.

            While the first month passed, I kept myself busy with sports. I decided to join the Gallaudet University Women’s Soccer Team this fall because it would keep me busy and keep me motivated in school. I never had any experience with organized soccer, but I did play soccer for fun. Initially, I was a forward on the soccer team, but I didn’t like it because it doesn’t keep me busy and the only thing I can do is to make some goals and try not to pass the defenders or it will be called for off sides. I only played two or three games as a forward then after that, I changed to a defender. I like to play as a defender because it takes a lot of sprints to prevent the opponents from shooting the ball to the goal line. I realized how much fun soccer is and how much I love to play even though it’s my first year. I am planning to play soccer for the next three years.

            After soccer season was over, I transferred to the women’s basketball team. I was not able to play for a while because of my injuries from soccer. I started later than my other teammates and I started on bad terms with them. But after a week, I started to bond with everyone on the team. One day, I was not able to practice with the team because of the injuries leftover from soccer. I am no longer on the women’s basketball team because of length of time it will take to heal my injuries. I have a sore Achilles tendon, shin splints, and arch pain. So it is not worth being on the team this year. It was my dream being on the Gallaudet University team since I was 12 years old. I am planning to play basketball next year with the skills and the talent that I have and I’ll be able to prove to the basketball coaches that I can play and be 100% healthy.

            It is almost Thanksgiving break and almost everyone is gone for the holidays. I wish I could go home and stay with my parents for the holidays but I can’t because it is expensive to buy the tickets from Washington DC to California. I am planning to stay here on campus and go to one of my family relative’s house in Maryland for thanksgiving. It won’t be the same without my family because I am used to my family’s tradition. Anyway, I will be back in California in 23 days to be with my family and my friends. I can’t wait for that day to come because I deeply miss them.  I love them so much and nothing else can replace my family and my friends. J







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2 Responses to “fall semester of 2008 has flown by!”

  1. James Cobbs Says:

    Hello Janaee: I am sorry to hear you have been injured. I did not know. I hope you are better soon. I know about your desire to play basketball. I too will admit this semester came to an end very quickly. I had one final already and will have three next week. I can only work hard and wish for the best. I remember my mother would always tell me “if you do not try, you have already failed”. I have managed to use that memory of my mother to help me accomplish things I might otherwise not be able to manage.
    I know every one in Sacramento is proud of you, your grand parents here in Mobile are. Your grandmother is doing much better than she was last year this time. Last year was a very bad time for her.
    We will be off for Thanksgiving but that is all. USA is known as the school that never closes, not even hurricanes.
    You never wrote what relative you were spending Thanksgiving with. Have fun, I will most likely spend most of the day in the books.
    Your grandmother will be in Sacramento for a while in December. Please take some time to see her if you can. Please e-mail or IM some dates so I can see if it is possible for you two to hook up.
    Your granddad loves you Janaee and reading your Blogs.

    With love Always:
    Granddad James

  2. gujanaee Says:

    Hi, Grandpa.
    Yes, I know it is frustrating to have those injuries happened during my freshman year. I will try to stay healthy for next year so I can be able to play basketball right after the soccer season over. I know everyone are proud of me include you guys. For the thanksgiving break, I will spend time with my uncle and his family in Maryland. I will have a month off for the winter break which I am going to spend in California. How long is Grandma going to stay in Sacramento? I am exciting to go back home in less than three weeks. 😀

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