is it going to end the world?


Have you wondered if a sport’s teammates will stay together as friends after the season ends?

I have been wondering about that a thousand times since our soccer season ended on October 30, 2008. We ended our season with 18 losses. We did not win any games this season, but there were two close games that we should have won. The women’s soccer team has not won a soccer game since October 4, 2006.

I have been thinking about my team staying together and keeping our trust levels up until next fall 2008 because i think it would be easier for us to keep our bond strong if we stay in contact with each other. I hope we can still have an end of the season party with our team even though our last game was October 30, 2008. After that party, I still  hope that we can go out to have fun as a team once a week for the rest of semester and when we get back from Christmas break.

Here are few pictures of my team at our last game which was the coldest night we have played this season:


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2 Responses to “is it going to end the world?”

  1. James Cobbs Says:

    Hello grandaughter: I love you dearly. I am always impressed with the way you write. When I read your last Blog, it felt as if I was reading from my PSY 356 text. Your wisdom does not reveal your very young age. Please, never stop thinking and asking questions.
    Your grandfather James

  2. gujanaee Says:

    Hi Grandpa.
    I love you too. Thank you and I will keep writing more about Gallaudet include myself. 🙂

    Love Always,

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