Obama and My Christmas Obsession


Before I get into my blog I have to, of course, acknowledge Obama’s inspiring win (of course I voted for him) last Tuesday. I especially loved his speech and also admired McCain’s graceful sportsmanship. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be like this? And now, after all the election ads on TV have gone, I’m realizing I miss them, it required me to use my brain more than a stereotypical, mindless ad of a gorgeous housewife looking for a better way to clean her bathroom.

And now… onto a subject which I have been obsessed with since birth… CHRISTMAS!!

*Before I start, I just wanted to say that I do not mean to make it seem that I think Christmas is superior to all winter holidays, I respect all holidays and only mean to explain my obsession of the holiday I have been raised with*

So… in my house, we have this little closet under the stairs that is chock-full of Christmas stuff. When I’m home, I can barely resist opening the door and taking a big whiff of that Christmassy smell, you know, the one that’s kind of apple-ish, cinnamon-ish, pine tree-ish. All year I gaze at that closet, anticipating the day when I can finally break out the numerous tupperware boxes and go crazy with decorations. 

I was home for Halloween for an 80th birthday party/family reunion for my Grandmother, which I really enjoyed, by the way. And since I wasn’t going home for Thanksgiving, I wanted to use the weekend to decorate the house with all our Christmas stuff which I otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to do. But alas.. my mother and father looked at me with wide eyes and mouthed “NO” in such a way that I knew better than to pester them.

Now there’s Christmas decorations in stores, Christmas ads on TV, and I’m going nuts. I need to open a tupperware box, gaze at the decorations my family has had since 1989, and place them strategically around the house while listening to the Pointer Sisters singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. 

I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with my weekly trip to the Christmas section at Target.




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