Hectic, Hectic, and even more Hectic


Things have been hectic here. Since it is November, the unofficial crunch month, I’ve been busy with homework, projects, and researching for papers. I’ve also gotten back involved with writing as way to ignore homework, and sad to say, it’s very efficient. I’ve been scrambling a bit more than usual lately.

My post will be relatively short, most likely because I have a few more things to do for tomorrow that requires my full attention. Curse you, school. *shakes fist at it*

I’ve been busy registering for classes and looking up classes. When I finally (pah!) gotten around to actually registering, a tiny, tiny bump occurred. I couldn’t register for some essential classes because my “pre-requisites haven’t been met”. This is of course, very infuriating for someone who just want to get it done with. Another round of emailing teachers occurs now, and I’m waiting to hear back from them. I want to get one teacher’s permission before I ask the other two since that class is a pre-requirement for the other two.

In other news, the election occurred! It was my first time voting and I voted via absentee ballot. My state, Illinois, went almost automatically to Obama on CNN. The day it votes republican will be a very very very scary day. Since I’m from Illinois, I wanted to be at Grant Park for the Chicago rally badly. My friends had gotten some pictures of it – apparently the streets of Chicago were filled with people as well as the park itself. I still want to be there in some ways even now. However, I must admit it feels weird now that the election is over. I expect that there should be something different about the world – maybe it’s a little brighter or warmer (of course, Winter, ha!), yet everything is still the same. I don’t think any of us will truly feel the impact until Obama is actually in office.

Even though I dearly want to sleep (going to 4:30am, getting up five hours later is not a good idea!), I should focus on my homework. Farewell, my dears.


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