Is it really over?


Seriously, where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I just got here on Aug 20, starting my first time as a soccer player in my 2nd semester here at Gallaudet. I remember when I came with Casey, we got to our first soccer practice. None of us knew each other, everything was new to us, the players, the coaches, and the turf. And now we actually ended our soccer season last Thursday, which was the coldest day ever. I love my teammates and coaches more than anything. It’s amazing how much we have grown together as a team, we have been through alot of ups and downs throughout this whole season. As we went through all the challenges, losses, pain, abuses from some of the most physicall teams out there, we still bond, we grow closer and closer. We’ve had our arguments here and there, but we still manage to love each other like family, sisters, friends, and teammates. We played our best and some we did not, but that did not matter as long we played our best, that fact that we did not win. What matters is we finished this season, unlike what I have been told about last year. We learned how to play with one other on the field. We were able to understand and learn the way each of us play on the field. It took time, and I’m amazed how several of our teammates have never played soccer, and they managed to keep up with those who have played soccer their whole lives or for parts of their lives. They could have given up and quit, and not have wanted to learn new things. But they kept on with their commitments to the team and to the coaches. I truly have hope for the women’s soccer program.It’s okay, we have next season to get ready for. I’m sure we shall win some games. I love my team! They are truly the greatest, enough said. That’s what is so great about playing on a team sport. You have that bond with them on and off the field. It’s nothing like just going to school, and having friends. It’s so different and unique, it’s just really special. I sure am lookin’ forward to next season! We truly do have a great coach. Keep it up Sarah!

Now that soccer is over, it’s kinda hard getting used to. I’m used to practicing everyday, used to seeing my teammates for at least 2 hours everyday, and now it’s that empty feeling. Okay  no more soccer for now, what now? It’s hard getting used to. I love being busy and to have more free time to do homework and projects isnt really that easy. Everyone is like, “Seriously, no soccer practice? This cannot be. We miss soccer already.”

To my teammates,

  I love you guys! You are like a family to me! Keep it up! Thanks you guys for sticking with each other, and for making this Women’s soccer program possible!


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