A Little About Myself



      My first blog i’ve ever done so this should be interesting. I’m going to start of by introducing myself and letting you know some stuff about me. Well…. i’m from Farmington, Arkansas and that town just so happens to be about 5 miles away from my favorite college in all of america, the University of Arkansas. I’ve loved the Razorbacks for God knows how long. My favorite sport is football and if you ask any of my friends that question, they will tell you that i’m obsessed with the sport. It is somewhat true because i always find myself watching it on tv or trying to start up a conversation about the latest football news. My great passion for the sport has carried me all the way to the college level at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. I’ve played my whole life but never thought that I would’ve gotten the chance to become a college football player. I’m now a freshman here and i play linebacker.

      I’m one of nine total kids in my family and yes we all come from the same mom and dad. Life has been really interesting and challenging for me. In a lot of ways but I think the main reason is because I am the “only” hard of hearing person in my family. I don’t know why or how but i’m the only one and there have been many obstacles. That is one of the reasons why I came down here to D.C. for college. Gallaudet University is a college that specializes in the deaf community. It’s definitely a new experience for me but it’s also something i look forward to. Most of the students here have experienced the same as me growing up. I was mainstreamed all my life and never signed growing up so that is the main reason why it will be challenging. All the challenges and obstacles i get while i’m down here will also come with rewards. I think the biggest reward for coming here was getting to meet so many nice and open people. No one here has judged me for talking once so far and that’s a very good thing for me, it takes a lot of pressure off me. I’m still learning to sign to this day. I’ve had about 2 months of practice so i think i’m on pace to knowing how to sign fluently within a couple more months.


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