Not Homecoming


I was the loser and I decided that I didn’t feel like attending homecoming bash this year and I promptly chose to go home for the weekend instead. I needed to grab some things from home in the first place and needed (terribly) to get away from campus.

It was FUN. I got a new webcam, new sweater, and a pair of jeans out of the deal. I was quite pleased to see sleeping without meds work after spending two days drugging myself to sleep after two days worth of insominia. It was nice to not eat the Gallaudet food (and then equally unpleasant to return to the Gallaudet food after eating food that Mom made or I ate out), and it was fantastic to see my friends. One of  my friend was visiting Chicago the same weekend and I managed to squeeze in a hour with her catching up on life, her ex, and teaching more signs to her. Shortly afterwards, I ran off to see another one of my friend. After eating Chipotle (HEAVENLY!!), we headed off to the mall. We wrapped up the night at a halloween store where we snuck photo-taking opportunities under the nose of the staff:

Pleasant weekend! I do admit I’m glad to be back in DC. It has wormed its way into my heart. Aww. Now, what to do for Halloween… hmm.


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