A Fishing Cat and a Capybara


Ever been to the National Zoo? No? Good, don’t go. Unless you like being jostled around by bratty kids and their parents who think their kids are the world and will stop at nothing to get a focused, well-lit picture of their kid smiling with sticky fingers, clutching their stuffed animal they begged Daddy to get, with a panda in the background.

Yep, you guessed it, I don’t like little kids. Probably why I want to teach high school students instead of younger kids.

So the National Zoo was probably not a good choice for my weekend outing. But hey, I had nothing else to do, and I like animals. I think I forgot that little kids like animals too. But I immediately regretted this decision, first of all, it was hot. Too hot. Second of all, I couldn’t see any animals with the swarm of people that constantly gathered around the cages or windows. I was only able to get pictures of two animals.

I think we were at the Zoo for a total of an hour and a half, it was just too hot, there were too many kids, and I didn’t get to see much of anything. I’ll probably go again sometime in the future, but I’ll sedate myself before going. If you wanna go, the National Zoo has free admittance, it’s pretty easy to get to, Woodley or Cleveland Park stop on Metro’s red line.

Oh, here’s the two animals that I was able to capture with my trusty Canon… The first one is a Fishing Cat, the second is a Capybara. The Capybara is my favorite, it was so polite, sitting pretty for photos. Better behaved than most of the kids there.

















Other than that… I just mailed in my absentee voter ballot, I voted for Obama, thank you very much. I’m not gonna go into this tirade explaining why Obama is better than McCain, you’ve probably heard it all already, I’m just going to simply state that Obama IS better than McCain and I encourage you all to vote, regardless of your opinions. What’s the point of complaining about our world if you don’t even try to make a difference?




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