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Hello, everyone.

My name is Janaee Cobbs and I am a freshman here at Gallaudet University. I am originally from Sacramento, California. I grew up there my whole life. I attended a mainstreamed school with a deaf program and I never went to a deaf school before. Gallaudet University is my first deaf school ever I. When I first came here to Gallaudet University, I felt different and weird because it was my first time attending school without any hearing students, teachers, or interpreters. I am trying to get used to this environment at Gallaudet University which is kinda a “deaf world” after living my whole life in the hearing world with other hearing people. I like Gallaudet University so far and I love the people here because I feel connected to them in some ways and the communication between me and the people is easier than back in high school. I also am playing for the Gallaudet Women’s Soccer team and I am planning to play basketball this winter right after soccer season’s over. I am doing good so far in school and I like it here at Gallaudet University because it is a new experience for me to learn and it is different for me to experience. I feel like it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend to a deaf school full of deaf people and play sports with other deaf people on my team. I am grateful to attend here at Gallaudet University. 🙂



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