amazing but crazy weekend


Last Friday, I had a short day with two easy classes in the morning and free all day after the morning classes. We had a soccer practice in the afternoon from 3-5pm and some of my teammates told me to meet them at Benson Hall Circle to take me out. I didn’t know what is going on so I decided to go with them. Once we got there to the restaurant by using the metro and walking, we enjoyed eating and talking at the same time at the restaurant. they told me they will have some ice cream because they are in the mood to have some dessert. Somehow it is for me and they told me “Happy early 18th Birthday!” I was like, Thank you! They are really nice to take me out for a surprise birthday dinner. I was surprised at the time because I never thought anyone would do that for me. I had a good time that night.

On Saturday, I woke up with a smile on my face because it was my birthday and I was a birthday girl all day. I turned 18 and it is the first time to be awake or celebrate my birthday without my family in California. The first thing I did on a Saturday morning was soccer practice in the early morning and it was pretty rough but good in the end because my team said happy birthday to me with hugs. It was pretty good to start my day even though I was pretty tired from Friday night. I went to a hair salon to get my hair done and it took forever to be done since my hair was pretty long and a lot of people were there at the salon. I got done around 4:00 and rushed to back to campus and to get ready for my birthday dinner around 5:30. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as i wanted ti to be but at least i had fun with some friends i invited. I stayed up late and hanging out with friends at another dorm. Overall, it is pretty different to celebrate my birthday because I didn’tcelebrate my birthday with my family in California. I wish I could celebrate with them but i know I will celebrate the holidays once I get back to California. 🙂

On Sunday, I woke up late and I washed my dirty clothes and there was a soccer game against Randolph at 1pm. I was getting ready and a lot of people looked at me differently because of my new looks with my hair getting done. Everybody thinks it is good for me to have that kind of hair like that from now on. I am not planning to keep it long, but I will do it once in a while. We played our game in the afternoon and I thought we did really good in the first half and we should have gotten one goal, but we didn’t. I thought we did better in the first half than the second half. If we played really hard like the first half, then maybe the result would have been different. We could have scored at least two goals, but we didn’t do it. As a result, we lost the game to Randolph and the score was 0-4. i think we should have won the game and we didn’t because we lost as a team not just because of any player on the team. After the game, we were rushed to get ready for our coach’s surprise birthday party at one of our teammate’s house. We arrived late but in the end, we had fun and our coach was pretty happy that we did it and I think it would be called “team bond” 😀

it was pretty long, amazing but crazy weekend ever I had since I attend Gallaudet University.


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