Midterms, Papers, and Sickness


It is inevitable that I will get sick. I mean, after living in a dorm room where my roommate is not even a proper several feet away and currently is sick too, it’s very likely I would get sick.

And get sick I did. I have the worse cough going on and my nose is all stuffy. My ears hurts but not like the ear bursting feelings I experienced during the summer. I’ve been sick since Wednesday, but it got intolerably horrible on Friday in which with the exception of a hour and a half playing volleyball ((horribly, I might add. I was very unwilling to play with my usual gusto)), I was lying in my bed. I’m happy to say though that after buying orange juice, jello, and some hydrogen peroxide, my lovely sickness is starting to feel a bit better.

The worse part about it all is that it happened during midterm week. Can we say bad timing?? Well, I’m sure it would be worse if it happened during finals week. Midterm week is upon us… well, ended on us!

With the exception of one more midterm paper I have to complete for tomorrow, all of my midterms are done with. I had to take three tests this week and write two papers. I’m happy it is all over though, with the exception of the one paper, because it means that I have seven-ish weeks until the semester is over. Classes selection time will be coming up soon. ugh.

Speaking of that paper, I need to commit to writing it. Ta!


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