Extra Credit


Today my sports ethics teachers suggested a field trip to the Special Olympics. It would be on a Saturday, and it wouldn’t be required, but if you went, you could then write a paper about the experience and earn extra credit. So I asked if there would be an opportunity for students who couldn’t go to earn extra credit as well. The teachers said “um…we can probably work that out.” Why yes, you can! Because that’s the fair and right thing to do. Now, it happens that the reason I cannot go is because I am attending a party where I will be seeing someone for the first time in 10 years, someone who was a dear friend but whom I lost touch with. I am not missing that! It also happens that I’ve gotten A’s and A+’s on all the work in this class so far, so I probably don’t need the extra credit, but I am going to hound them and make sure they make the opportunity available.

Also, I got my grade back on a video essay for my Deaf Culture class. Gee, I got 95 out of 100 points. See, I knew I didn’t do C+ work like that teacher suggested my first semester.


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