Cat on Campus


I know this isn’t a great picture – click to make it bigger – but I wanted to share it anyway. Yes, that is a cat on the Gallaudet campus! I saw her walking along the edge of Ely Center on the Field House side, and she ducked into some bushes right by the doors. I wanted to take a picture, so I followed her, and she was right there at the edge of the bushes! She turned around and saw me, and ran in where I couldn’t see her. I tried taking a picture anyway but it didn’t work. Suddenly she jumped off the brick ledge into the entry area for Ely Center – the part where you go left to the commuter lounge or right to SAC. That’s when I ran around and took this picture…I just had to prove to myself that there was a cat on campus!

I ended up letting DPS know about the cat, because it’s obviously a stray. They said they would contact Animal Control, because they don’t want their officers getting scratched trying to capture her. They also told me that last time, Animal Control took two days to come, so they weren’t sure they’d actually find the cat. But I regretted telling DPS anything, because I know what happens when Animal Control gets involved: kitties go to shelters, where they are not adopted quickly, and they are put down. I don’t want that to happen. I hope they can’t find her. 😦

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