My Whine-Fest


I’m in denial about the upcoming midterms week. As far as I know, it’s now the middle of June and I’m mowing my backyard, getting increasingly sunburned in the process. But… *sighs*, one can’t fantasize too much when one has a Spanish midterm tomorrow. Yep, you read that right, my first midterm is tomorrow! I’m feeling a bit unprepared since I overslept for my Spanish class quite a few times (it was not my fault, blame the alarm clock!) and missed a bit of vital information. I’ve also got some project due dates coming up, add a little bit of a cold, headaches, and plain ol’ fatigue, and you’ve got a recipe for major stress, also known as a disaster. That’s the typical college student life for you.

Anyway, you might ask, “Why are you taking Spanish if you’re a secondary education/English major?”  Well, seeing as Spanish is the second most used language in the U.S.,  I thought it couldn’t hurt to learn it. After all, I might be able to use my ability to read and write Spanish in future teaching situations. 

But I am regretting taking Spanish, I know it’ll probably look good on my resume and might be able to help me in the future. But this class wasn’t required for me to take, so instead of Spanish, I could have used the space to take another class that is required for my major. I guess I’ll learn from this when I’m registering for classes for next semester.

I’m currently taking 5 classes, or 17 credits: GSR 220 (Black History), ENG 399, HIS 111, PSY 322, and SPA 111. My most challenging class is probably ENG 399. We study literary theories and apply them to dystopian books like “1984” or “White Noise”. But this is one of the few classes I thoroughly enjoy. Spanish is another story, I dislike any subject that requires me to memorize things in order to understand something.

Ok, whine-fest is over. I gotta get back to learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs.




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