I Am Not a Morning Person


Okay, I admit it. I fail miserably when it comes to early morning fire alarm drills (when I say “early,” I mean between 2am and 6am). I have already shared about my first fire alarm drill where I almost left my roommate asleep in bed as I fumbled around our room, ran into furniture while trying to get ready (not even thinking to turn the light on), and almost walked out the door without her.

I do not know which is worse: almost leaving my roommate or what I did this last time.

Saturday night, I went to bed somewhat late (about 1am). I thought I was going to get a nice, peaceful night’s sleep before church Sunday morning. I was wrong. The clock strikes 5am and I am sleeping like a baby. Just to let you know, I sleep with earplugs every night in order to block out all the dorm noises, but I can still usually hear my door open, my alarm clock buzz, and the fire alarm ring.

Next thing I know, my bedroom light is on and some strange guy is standing in my doorway, holding up my student ID. He signs, “I’m taking your ID.”

I sit up in bed, confused and dazed. “Ok,” I sign back. Not even hearing the alarm or noticing the strobe-flashing lights, I stare at the guy trying to figure out who he is, why he wants my ID, what he’s doing in my room, and why he’s signing to me.

I think, Well, at least the guy is standing by my door. That’s good. It means he doesn’t want to hurt me. How did he get in here anyways? And why does he want my ID? I guess he can borrow it if he wants, but it would have been nice if he knocked on my door and asked first. Why does he keep signing to me? At least I understand what he’s saying, lucky for him. Here we are at this hearing college with thousands of hearing students, and I sleep through ONE fire alarm and he automatically assumes I’m deaf. Go figure.

At this point, I know that the fire alarm is going off, but I still don’t know how to react to it. I am still sitting in bed, staring at the guy and he signs again, “I am taking your ID, OK? You can pick it up later.”

I repeat his statements with questions, “You’re taking my ID?”


“I can pick it up later?”

“Yes, you can pick it up later downstairs in the RA’s office.”

“Downstairs in the RA’s office?”


“Ok,” I sign. At this point I knew I needed to get out of bed and leave the dorm, though I could not process why I needed to. I was also still a little perturbed that the guy was refusing to speak to me and only signed. Well, on the bright side, I guess its a good thing he’s taken ASL classes and knows ASL. I mean, what if there really was a Deaf student that went to this college and didn’t wake up during the fire alarm? At least he could communicate with him or her. At that, I fumbled around my room, putting my shoes and jacket on and gathering up my phone and keys.

Walking carefully down the stairs (I hurt my knees a few weeks ago playing soccer), I still tried to figure out why the guy was signing to me and why he wanted my ID. It was during my walk down the stairwell that I came to the realization that the guy was an RA, he wanted my ID to put down that he had to wake me up during the alarm, and he was signing because HE was Deaf (not because he thought I was, though he may have thought that as well).

However, I still thought I went to a hearing university until I walked outside and saw all the people who live in my dorm, and they were all signing to each other. I looked around me, bewildered, and thought, I know these people (sarcastically to self: what a novel idea. I know who lives in my dorm and who I take classes with). And, I know they are all Deaf. Well, except her and her….Ohhhhh, duh, me! I go to Gallaudet University! Gallaudet is a Deaf school which means that most of the students are Deaf. Geez, I am really out of it!

We did not wait outside for long. The alarm soon shut off and we were soon allowed to go back inside. I went in the RA office and grabbed my ID (the only one sitting on the desk. I felt like such a dud, being a hearing person and being the only one to not hear the fire alarm). Then, I went back to bed for a few more hours of restless sleep.

I laid there awake for quite a while though, thinking about what had just taken place. I thought it seemed kind of funny but, at the same time, I also felt horrible about it. It was funny in that I was completely out of it for so long and that I had all kinds of crazy thoughts swimming in my head.

However, I felt horrible that I had experienced so many negative feelings in my subconsciousness. I love signing. I like conversing with people in ASL. I love Deaf people and I have greatly enjoyed going to Gallaudet. But, in my subconscious thoughts and behavior, I was associating negative feelings with signing, deafness, and Deaf schools. That is what upset me and made it hard for me to fall back asleep. I did not understand where those feelings came from and I still do not know the answer to that question.

I will not let that get me down though. Let me just say that I prefer my consciousness to my subconsciousness, and I will not worry whether this fire alarm experience was better or worse than my first one. I will simply think about the utterly ridiculous and funny aspects of both experiences and hope and pray that there are no more early morning fire alarms.


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4 Responses to “I Am Not a Morning Person”

  1. colleen Says:

    Haha, after my first Gally fire alarm I thought “how can deaf people sleep through this! It was SO loud I couldn’t believe it.

    Then, I slept through the second one. Silly.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I always sleep through them! light and alarms do not wake me up. :-X

  3. Casey Says:

    Thanks ya’ll for the encouragement! 🙂

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

  4. Meera Says:

    Me too. I am not a morning person and also I am not an after midnight person. I am a day and night before 1am person.

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