A Dead Roach


You never realize how far from home you are until someone tells you that there’s a dead roach in the bathroom and she doesn’t want to throw it away. Of course, she demands I look at it. Of course I demand not to and respond that I shall hold my bladder forevermore.

Okay, honestly, that’s besides the point. The whole point of this post is to reflect on home. I was talking to B’s mom about home and my relationship with my brothers. I am reminded instantly of the sibling rivalry I had with my youngest brother (who is almost three years younger than me). Family is such an important part of a person’s life, no matter at what period in life you go through. Sometimes I wonder how things would had changed if my parents didn’t support my decision to go to Gallaudet after they visited campus.

If you’re really serious about attending Gallaudet, it is something to damper your spirit if your family feels uncomfortable or awkward about where you’re attending. I’m thankful they didn’t, but at the same time, I think I would had gone on with it. I don’t know, this is random thinking.

Overall, school, contrary to Colleen’s lack of busywork, has gotten increasingly busy. Mondays continue to be my hard days and I’m relieved to have Wednesday and Fridays off. I’m taking eighteen credits, two major courses, working 10 hours at the library and now getting four hours working at Kendall School. My poor brain is near explosion.

I still don’t want to go near the bathroom. God. *makes a face*


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