Stop the World! I’m Sick!


I hate that school doesn’t stop when you’re sick. On Sunday night, I wasn’t feeling so great. On Monday, I was feeling kind of iffy, but it was okay if I ignored it; I even went out with friends on Monday night. On Tuesday I woke up and I was sick. My ears react strangely to pressure anyway because of the accident, well, the pressure that was on them Tuesday morning was unbelievable. But I had a presentation in one of my classes that I absolutely had to give. So I went to school, gave the presentation, and came home. I e-mailed teachers and classmates to make sure I would know what was going on.

On Wednesday, I was still sick, but I had to take my car in to the mechanic, it had an appointment and it really needed to be taken care of. They paid for a rental car because they were out of loaners, and the nice lady who rented the car kept trying to shake my hand, and I kept pulling mine back and saying “no, I’m sick!” She felt bad that she kept forgetting, it was kind of cute. I bought popsicles and soup on the way home and stayed in bed all day; once again, I e-mailed my teachers about it.

Yesterday I had a test in the same class where I’d had a presentation. So even though I was still sick, I went in for that. I had tried contacting the teachers when I woke up to ask if I could make it up later, but I couldn’t reach them, so I went in, took the test, and left again. I feel really bad for missing two classes twice and two classes once…I hate missing class.

Today I have no classes, and I am not going anywhere. I was supposed to work but I called out sick. I am actually feeling about 60-70% better than before, but my wife said I have to stay home! But really I just hate missing classes. I don’t care about work, it’s only money…but missing classes is a big thing for me! I hope my grades are not messed up because I missed classes…nobody has very clear attendance policies this year. Oh, except for my sociology teacher. If you miss no classes, then at the end of the semester you can retake one of the tests. So that is no longer an option for me. But I did well on the first one, so hopefully I won’t need to worry about that. Ugh…I’m tired of being sick though! And I really wish the world would stop so I wouldn’t have to worry about stuff. I want to get back to normal!


One Response to “Stop the World! I’m Sick!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Being sick sucks!! I hate it when it happens and you still have to go to class and feel lousy.

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