This year rawks


Hello,  just wanted to check in and give an update on my little life.  I haven’t been posting too much because there’s not much to post!  Everything is pretty much status quo this term.  I have a whole bunch of classes, seven to be exact.  One is a PE class, so it doesn’t really count, but the point is, lots of school work!  Amazingly, it hasn’t been too stressful so far. *knocks on wood*  I am also still swimming along on the swim team.  I initially thought I’d have to quit because of how much time it takes, and the fact that I am a lousy swimmer.  (see previous blog)  However, I am enjoying it quite a bit, and although I don’t think I’m getting any faster, I am definitely able to keep up with the workouts most days.

I am busy every day, but have a routine pretty well established with enough time for just about everything.  I’ve learned that routine is key for me to be successful in school.  I’ve had two tests so far, and aced both of them which is good.

Like I said, nothing too exciting is happening, but I am SO happy.  I absolutely love my life now and am so grateful to be happy.  This time last year I was in the pits of homesick, heartachey depression and was ready to pack it all up and go home.  I’m so glad I kept at it! I’m almost sad that this is my last year here!

Ah well, cest la vie!  Until next time 🙂


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