Mental Note: Brown Cheese is BAD!


My roommate took me to Safeway in Wheaton, MD last Sunday, I had never been to a Safeway, heck, I didn’t even know what a Safeway was. So she graciously showed me around (thanks Dianne!) and we bought some groceries. I got some string cheese, because supposedly they’re healthy for you, and I am, of course, addicted to cheese. So anyway, today, I unwrapped one and noticed that it looked a little brown. Cheese is not supposed to be brown… right? I looked at the packaging and saw that it expired in July… 2008! I had already eaten about two cheese strings earlier and felt like an idiot since I didn’t notice the cheese was a rather odd color. 

Naturally I was also pissed! What kind of food store doesn’t check its shelves regularly?! I’ll probably continue to go to Safeway for my groceries, mainly because they’re cheap, and I’m broke. But… I will be checking the expiration dates from now on… lesson learned.

So here I am… rambling about old cheese and Safeway.

Things here at Gally are pretty good, I’m getting a bit unmotivated with homework, but then again, what college student doesn’t? I find myself looking forward to Enrichment Day, the one day in the middle of October where there are no classes, instead there are presentations and workshops for us to “enrich” ourselves with. Hopefully I’ll be “enriching” myself with some sleep.

By the way, does anyone know if you can get food poisoning from bad cheese?




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