Going green


The word of the day: booked.


I’m so booked with meetings, the organization that I’m involved with. Lately I’ve become the Education track director for the Green Gallaudet organization. Also I have been doing works for Homecoming 2008 and so far it is looking very sweet! I can’t wait to see the result of this event, all of our hard work we’ve putted in lately is not just enough- there’s lot to come! I also will be doing make-up for this year’s fashion week and I can’t wait to start on my portfolio because I would love to work for the M.A.C. someday. I also will be responsible for the Halloweek this year which requires lot of work. 


Eating meat is not good for me when I’m doing those stuff. I eat white meat three times weekly and that’s it, I’ve completely shed red meat away from my diet. I feel much more energized, I don’t call myself a vegetarian because I still do white meat. I can’t just give up chicken! They’re so delicious and tempting. Maybe a semi-vegetarian. Lately I’ve started my day off with raw breakfast then a salad for lunch then dinner- I treat myself to a sandwich or something small. So far it is all good for me and I’ve been feeling a lot more upbeat. Maintaing a healthy diet in college is important! 


Ok I have a meeting to attend now, until next time I blog!




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