The Greatest Dream I’ve Ever Had…


I was walking outside and then suddenly I saw Princess Diana, as beautiful as always.. Doing her good deed. She was picking up trash and throwing them in the trash cans. I don’t know if she was real in person or if I was seeing things.. But she looked so real to me.. I helped her pick up the trash.. Then she spoke, I told her I couldn’t hear but could read lips.. She asked if I knew cued speech.. I said no I know american sign language. And I was amazed. She knew ASL! She said it wasn’t well known yet at her time. I told her now it is. It’s really awesome. I walked with her into a building and down the hall. I told her I miss her. She’s my role model. She smiled and said yeah since the accident. I don’t know why but I asked her about the accident and if it was on purpose or not. She said it was her grandparents or grandma. Wish my memory would serve me well. She did not really want to talk about it. I said, I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have asked I was just wondering if it was intended or not. When earlier, I was following her down the hall. I was pondering if this meant that I need to go to England? If it was a sign like all other signs I’ve been seeing for the past few years and I will go to England someday. We talked some more but I don’t remember what we talked about.. Then she vanished. I reached a catholic church. Saw an interpreter.. She started talking, there were like 2 or 3 other people that knew ASL. I asked her, how come we are the only 2 that can see Di? Does it mean something? She said she doesn’t know. I was proud, I felt so special. I was happy to finally meet Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales. She was the one person I’ve always wanted to meet before she died. And there I had the chance, but in her afterlife. She wasn’t ghostly she was as real as we are. A moment I will never forget. I will cherish this forever. I talked and walked with the princess.


This was the greatest dream I’ve ever had.

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