Oh my goodness…I haven’t posted since early August. How come nobody came and kicked my butt to remind me to post more?! I hereby pledge to post at least once a week. Preferably with pictures!

So anyway, here are the classes I am taking this semester. I am going to be honest in how I feel about them.

  • Ethics – I was expecting this to be a pretty good class, but honestly I am not sure about it. It’s a GSR 240 class, so it’s about ethics, but the topic turns out to be sports ethics, and I am not into sports. The class is titled “Who’s In, Who’s Out: Leveling the Playing Field” but the course description didn’t mention sports at all, so I figured it was a general “playing field” metaphor, not a literal one! It’s going okay so far, but for example last night I had to read some articles about South African rugby and cricket, and I was just bored by them. Yes, they were about racial exclusion and things like that, but…I just don’t care about rugby and cricket!
  • HIV/AIDS – This is another GSR class, it’s 231 so that means it has service learning. I wasn’t originally signed up for this, but I talked to my dear friend Colleen (her gBlog is here) on the first Tuesday of the semester and she said it seemed like an interesting class, plus there were only a few people in there and it needed more students to not be canceled, plus we didn’t have any classes together, plus I have to take a service learning anyway, plus I have to take 230-level anyway, so add all that up and I signed up for the class. I’m interested in the topic but not so much in the scientific aspect. It’s team taught by a Biology professor and a Social Work professor, they both seem really sweet but I just don’t care about the biology part as much as the culture part of the HIV pandemic. Oh well, the teachers are fun! Homework is sometimes kind of weird but I like the class so far.
  • Research Methods in History – Oh my god, this is a hard class. This is the first time I’ve taken a history class that was about something other than facts. It’s about learning how to research history. Obviously since I am planning to be a historian I need to know this information, but the structure of the class isn’t chronological and it’s just so different from what I’m used to! The topic we’re using is the Cold War, which doesn’t interest me a whole lot, maybe just certain parts of it. The book we’re using is practically concrete, it is so thick and dense and hard to read.
  • Deaf Culture – Erm, well, okay. The only bad part about this class is the teacher, honestly. He’s a nice guy, but he just got his M.A. a few months ago, and he hasn’t had any teaching experience. So he’s still learning how to guide class discussion, and I don’t think anyone has shown him how to use Powerpoints effectively. Other than that I like the topic just fine, but no matter how great the topic is, if you don’t like the teacher…well, maybe it will get better. Our teacher was supposed to be someone else and I didn’t find out until the first day of class that it had been switched, so maybe that’s why I’m still holding on to apprehension. I think 10 years from now he’ll be a good teacher, but right now the class time just feels awkward.
  • Sociology – I think this is my favorite class this semester. The professor is hearing, he’s a certified interpreter, and his signing is beautiful. All my other teachers have quirky ways of signing, but I love watching my Sociology teacher. The subject matter is really interesting, and the teacher is very down-to-earth and does a great job teaching. It’s his first semester at Gallaudet but I think he taught elsewhere before…maybe Syracuse? Anyway, I really enjoy this class. I seem to do most of the talking, though. I guess because I already understand a lot of sociological concepts, even if I couldn’t tell you what they are. Looking through the book, I just already get everything. I see stuff and I nod my head. So I feel kind of brainy in that class…I try to let other students answer, but only occasionally does anybody say anything, so then I raise my hand. Anyway, fun class!

So that is my course load for this semester. It’s my first time taking 5 classes, yikes! I still wish I lived closer because the commute is horrible but I love Gallaudet every bit as much as I always have, and even more. I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I used to regret dropping out of college back in 1998, and it bothered me for a long time. Now I no longer regret dropping out…because if I hadn’t, the path of my life would have been different, my choices would have been different, and I wouldn’t be in the wonderful place I am now.


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