On being a mom


Today I surfed on the web after finishing Psychology test which went ok. One of my favorite website besides the greek tradegy blog by Stephanie Klein, I visited post secret and the first postcard I saw was this:

As an art history minor, along with the English major. I just find this post card sad but yet it makes sense. I was really not close with my mom through out my childhood, I was more of daddy’s girl. I was really tight with dad, so close that we usually go to starbucks for late night conversation. I recall this, when we got so carried away with our conversation; it went past starbucks’s closing time! The employer had to notify us that we need to leave because they’re closing and dad would go “Oh no! I didn’t page your mom to assure her that everything is ok!” Then the moment daddy check his pager, he would get countless worried messages from mom.

Those late night starbucks time was something I didn’t have with my mom. I often burst into the argument that I picked up with mom, sometimes I don’t understand her from her background experience. She was the only deaf child in a family who doesn’t really sign, they made homesigns and that was it. So you can say that my mom lived in an isolated home life but that changed dramatically when she moved into dormintory. Then she went to Gallaudet and got pregnant- yes I’m the baby. I call myself a native Californian but the untold truth is that I was produced at Washington, District of Columbia! I’m one of the 1989 alumni’s babies currently registered as a full-time student at Gallaudet University right now.

From the previous statement I made, I wasn’t really close with my mom. But that changed dramatically when I went to Gallaudet last year. I became much more closer and I always had countless videophone session with mom, I always felt this warmth when I see her on the videophone screen. Then, she came to visit me in the fall and I was SO thrilled. I went away to my uncle’s home with her for the weekend, she was surprised by her old Gallaudet classmates. I watched how they laughed with my mom while sharing many funny stories that occured during their times at Gallaudet. My mom did lived her life to the fullest at Gallaudet when she was a student back then. I find myself sharing many details to my experience as a freshmen to mom, much more than I share with my dad right now. I embrace the closeness I currently have with mom, for some reason I thank Gallaudet University for that. I think the distance helped simulate the closeness in the relationship I have with my mom. Now I still am close with her, I still have those countless videophone session even if it is just a five-minute call. It counts. Amazingly, Gallaudet can be something that plays a big role in life even although college is a dot in your life span.

It came to a realization that it is a LOT of work being a mom, it doesn’t take a mother’s day to thank your mom; thank her everyday. Hell, we should have a holiday called “Mother’s year” 🙂

Everyone should love their parents no matter what, but don’t worry about the part when you feel that you won’t just get along with one of them. You WILL someday get along with both, and the feeling is so idyllic.

It is OK to not be like your mom, but everyone will always have something that belongs to their mom inside them. 🙂


I love you, Mum.

The Baldwin Family

The Baldwin Family

(The picture is outdated, it will soon be two years!)

Until the next time I blog!




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