Sophomore Blues?


I am already at my third week of my sophomore year, the midterms are inching closer and closer. I can’t exactly describe the words about how my summer went but I can say that it went unpredicted. I worked at a camp for five weeks, starting with high school campers for the first three weeks. I learned so much about myself, I never thought this job would bring me tears and joy in the ending. Then the last two weeks was with middle school campers who made me so proud of their parents, on how they disciplined their children. Sometimes when you completed one of your long-term goals and you don’t just have the time to reflect on it. That’s what my problem was this summer, because I didn’t really looked back on my second semester just because I was plain fulfilled with it. I ate the entire entrees on my dish and I’m finished with it.

I just find it so healthy to write a letter at the beginning of my sophomore year and re-open it at the ending to write a “final edit” letter to properly close the cardboard box and label it “sophomore year” and leave it in the attic. I laugh at myself for those Trip Fontaine- obsessed times, when I had major crush on Russell Crowe from “Gladiator”, and when I dated some of the “oh-my-god-you-dated-him?!” dudes. My dating resume has some odds names in it but as of right now, I am dating a guy who fulfills most of my needs. Even although it is a long distance dating experience but he manages to fill in the blanks and that’s huge to me. I am so happy on where I stand right now, with him. Ok enough with gushing!

Rhetorical questions are my thing, yes but right now I am having hang of them. It is time for me to ask myself a question that will not have the “duh thesis” type of answer. What will my sophomore year bring me?

Lately I’ve been kicking my own self with work, I work for the Campus Activities as their assistant. I will mostly work at the front desk during my academic year, I really am looking forward to this job because that’s when I will expand my networking while providing customer service. We just had a New Student Orientation week which went very well. With the help of Orientation Program (OP) and Residence Life (RL) the program needs lot of help with Campus Activities too. We’re the people who can answer “any-kind-of” questions, and sets up rooms for the event such as: workshops, presentation, social gathering, and much more. We basically have the hardest job on campus because when people can’t find solution, they come to the front desk and expect a solution. So the work has been really hard, I usually start my shift from 8:30 then stop at noon for lunch and work again at 1 to four o’ clock. Which drains my energy away and I just arrive in my dorm suite all pooped out and I would just find a comfortable spot on the couch we just got and sleep. What I’ve learned that would be very reliable for surviving my sophomore year- powernaps! Sleep is very important for me in college and my body is important too.

Other than getting my sleep- I’m planning on keeping up with my food take. I usually eat organic but in last two weeks, I didn’t eat anything organic besides organic chocolate. It didn’t feel right. So I am hyped up to start this healthy diet. Besides my life, I’m looking at the academics. I think I’ll be slightly overwhelmed this semester because I’m taking two English classes. One is ENG 204 and this is introduction to literature, and I’m also taking ENG 399 and this course is offered in the fall only. I must complete 204 to be able to take 399 but this professor made an exception for me that I am very grateful of. She authorized me to take two classes at the same time so it will be juggling different textbooks for me, a little crazy but I think I know myself enough to know my limitations.

I also plan on becoming a henna artist, I love to doodle and I’m very fascinated into the world of tattooing. I look it as a culture and I appreciate the artistic effect it has on skin. I hope to have the time to practice on my girlfriends first until I feel ready to start a mini-business. I think that would be fun for me. I’ll return to the cheerleading team in the winter season, hopefully. I just left the fall season cheerleading team recently due to some conflict in my schedule. It was a hard decision for me to make because I’ve been cheering since what? Maybe seven years I think. Every time I fall or get minor cut- the first thing I always think is “Will I be able to cheer? Am I ok!?” I came to realize that cheerleading is a passion of mine after completing my first year at Gallaudet.

So, in my sophomore year I will juggle textbooks, my gold pom poms, and a tube of henna ink.

Me in far left, with my fall squad (2007)

Me in far left, with my fall squad (2007)




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