Drowning on Dry Land


I hope you do forgive me. I’ve been abysmally busy with everything the last three weeks. (Has it already been THREE weeks?) I began classes two weeks ago with my first taste of Education courses. Let just say I’m sagging under the workload and figuring out my schedule for the week in terms to time management since I never had to worry about it before I began this semester. My to-do list this week includes:

  • Piaget Presentation (due next Monday)
  • Articles for Group Paper
  • Math Test
  • Discussion Board
  • More online portfolio (e.g. letterhead and Assure Model Step 1 and 2)

I began Pilates class for real yesterday after a week of getting to know each other and fitness testing (then Wednesday of lecture). Let just say my abs are killing me and my upper arms. Ouch. Clearly I am out of shape. Note to self: must get in shape. I’m actually kind of looking forward to tomorrow’s class. Despite the fact that I’m so out of shape that it’s hard for me to keep up with those lovely all fit people, I feel loads better after the class and I think if I continue this, I can keep working on the motivation to get into shape.

With the elections close by, it’s not hard to feel the political tension and rush that’s sweeping the nation. While I support Obama, the fact that McCain picked a woman vice president means that either way, history is in the making in United States with this upcoming election.


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