A Rambling Introduction



So I guess this is where I introduce myself, explain my background, and so on. Here goes.

My name is Heather Breitbach, I’m a sophomore at Gallaudet University, I plan on double majoring in Secondary Education and English. I’m declaring my major towards the end of the semester, and am excited for it because it will mean I’m one step closer to graduating, but on the other hand, I am not looking forward to the amount of work required. I am.. how you say… a bit lazy.

Anyhoo, as for my “deaf background” I was born deaf to deaf parents, my family is half deaf and half hearing. Well… actually, my family is more deaf than hearing, so it would be 3/4 deaf and 1/4 hearing. I graduated from a high school where I was mainstreamed and I came to Gallaudet last year because after years of being around the hearing culture academically, I wanted to embrace the deaf side of me. I can hear a bit and speak which kinda puts me in the middle of the hearing world and the deaf world, however I call myself Deaf instead of hard of hearing.

As for my hobbies: photography (amateur), writing, reading, movies, and politics.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to do some homework.




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