I’m not a fish.


This year I decided to take action against the freshman fifteen I gained last year and become more athletic.  I decided to sign up for a gymnastics class that meets twice a week.  I’m SO excited.  Like most girls, when I was younger I dreamt of becoming an Olympic gymnast and always watched gymnastics on TV.  When the commercials came, I would prance around the living room doing my best imitations of the neat tricks.  So, I am thrilled to be in my gymnastics class.

I also decided to try joining the swim team.  Now, let’s be clear about one thing:  I am not an athlete.  My philosophy on life has always been to revel in my laziness.  However, a combination of my age and living on campus, eating only mass-produced-who-knows-what that the cafeteria serves up is not working for me any longer.  I have several friends on the swim team and thought it might be fun to do that as well.

Today was day two of practice, and I am realizing that I am not a fish.  I’m more like a cat in the pool.  My body aches, and all during practice I was thinking, there is no way I can do this.  I, of course tried to mix it up with the occasional positive mantra, but it was definitely a workout!  I’m not giving up yet, although my body is telling me to.  I’m gonna stick around and see if it’ll get any easier. They tell me it will, but we’ll just see about that.

5 Responses to “I’m not a fish.”

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    i’m a senior in houston tx, area. i’m thinking about college next year. would it be too much of a cultural shock to move from south to D.C. i’m hard of hearing. i have been going to an hearing high school since 9 grade.

  2. colleen Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the comment! No, I don’t think it’ll be too much of a shock, but it will be an adjustment. You’ll need to get some winter clothes, but upperclassmen can help out with that. I had no idea how to dress for winter! As far as being hard of hearing from a hearing school, that should not be an issue at all. Gallaudet is a really diverse place, and people from ALL backgrounds are welcome. You’ll be fine!

  3. Jenna Bergeron Says:

    Hi Jaclyn,

    I too am hard of hearing and just entered into my first year at Gallaudet. I grew up in a hearing world as well and have had no previous experience with signing. I came to Gallaudet a month before the start of school to get a head start on signing. Although I am no where near an expert in signing I have learned alot and I am glad I made the choice to come here. It is definitly a culture shock, but an amzing one at that. I love being immersed in this culture and you learn new things everyday. People are very helpful when it comes to learning sign language! I am assuming that you say you were in a mainstream hearing high school you do not know sign language or do you?

  4. meredith Says:

    You want to talk cat in a pool, my dear? Check this one out! (Captioned by yours truly.)


  5. Katie Says:

    I love this Colleen! If only you could look ahead and see your swimming self going to championships tomorrow :0) see you at practice!

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