Hello World!


A warm hello from a native Californian! My name is Clara Baldwin and  no, I’m not related to any of the Baldwins out there! I’m new to this gblog community and I can’t hardly wait to start blogging away! But first, before I start I thought it would be nice if I listed several things about myself so you could know me better. I have a list of 1-100 things about me and now I’ll cut it down to 27 things about me. Other than this, I’m a sophomore student here. I am still learning how to “row” the Gallaudet boat.

1) I was born at Oakland and still lives there, 8th dangerous city in USA and that doesn’t get to me.
2) I believe highly in desserts, you should have them everyday!
3) I am NOT athletic and I never will be but I like to workout to stay in shape.
4) My favorite male celebrity is Peter Stormare because he plays great villain in some movies especially as Lucifer in “Constantine”
5) I enjoy cooking desserts, that’s it. I can cook meals but I’m not skilled.
6) I’m allergic to Seafood even I’m partially Japanese.
7) I have a red-haired brother named Walter.
#8 I eat CHOCOLATES on daily basis. ❤
9) I enjoy oil painting
10) Greek food is my favorite dish to eat.
11) I plan to write a memoir in my life.
12) I went to Cancun on my spring break and it might be my last time going there!
13) I once started as Miss Hannigan on “Annie” musical!
14) Since my sophomore year in High School I’ve been to 10 countries, not counting USA.
15) I collect anything that is Wizard of Oz.
16) I eat organic food and junk food, nice conflict of food interest there?
17) When I was little, I told dad that if I was in Olympics I would prefer to get silver medal because I find it prettier than gold one.
18) If I would be at anywhere, I choose Greece. I miss it there deeply.
19) I have two Siamese cats: Mochia and Cochia. They have two personalities to themselves and I love them.
20) I am a perfectionist and I want to change that.
21) I have an undying love for metaphors, YES! Metaphors!
22) I’m an organized freak, I like to have a daily checklist and when the errand gets a check, it feels really good like some sort of empowering feeling. I’m weird.
23) I plan to visit all seven wonders of world and I want to have a “7 wonders” wall in my home featuring pictures of me posing in front of the place.
24) I am majoring in Secondary Education, in English field. I also minor in Art History. I hope to teach a merged curriculum of Art History and English inside my classroom someday.
25) I’ve dyed my hair into: black, blond, auburn, pink, and brunette. All of the shades worked well with my looks.
26) I was voted most unique in my high school, and I still am. Maybe I got a little bit weirder
27) I have an obsession of Livermore’s hills, a pure Californian landscape favorite! Them golden&canary hills got me missin’ home!

Taken in Sunol Country (Near Livermore)

Taken in Sunol Country (Near Livermore)




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