Macbook or Dell?


I’m curious on your opinions on which laptops are better? Macbook or Dell. I have heard Dell has always been the best. Which laptops would you suggest anyone to get?

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8 Responses to “Macbook or Dell?”

  1. colleen Says:

    I’ve got an hp and I love it.

  2. Morgan Says:

    It depends what you want to use a laptop for.

    Macs are good for photography and speed. They have high quality screens and color, thus making pictures easier to do. They’re also very good for movie editing. Personally I think its functions are better for liberal arts stuff.

    Dells are good for business. I don’t know why, it just is. I don’t know too much about Dell but I hear that they often crash/are poorly built. I used to have one and it’s alright. I don’t like the looks of it but it functions alright and sometimes crashed.

    Macs on the other hand…I love it! It NEVER crashes (I’ve had it for one year or so.) and if one program freezes, you still can do other stuff and be able to fix it. You can’t do that with dell.

    So really, I guess it depends on your preference. But look into RAM, space, etc etc and decide on your personal needs and wants.

    Good luck!

  3. Mitch Says:

    I highly recommend a Mac. It will be your favourite computer hands down. Plus, since they just refreshed the macbook line, it’s even better

  4. Dee Bee Says:

    you mac zealots, get over your self. I can build a Mac and buy a monitor and adjust the color to match or out do any Mac, any day. Oh yeah, and I only spent a thousand on it

  5. Veronica Says:

    I wouldn’t recommend a mac only because with macs… You can not update. If you update any part… Your warranty WILL be VOIDED!!! Also, on the new Macbooks, you are not allowed to change the battery! I mean? If your laptop runs out of energy during your flight… You wont be able to switch batteries?!. That is ofcourse if you get the new macbooks.

    If you want a beautiful laptop I highly recommend either:
    Dell Adamo
    Hp Voodoo Envy 133
    Lenovo u330
    Sony Vaio VGN-SZ760NC
    All of these laptops are 13.3″ in screen and display the same exact resolution 1280×800!

    I think Apple computers are great for running programs like iTunes and playing songs. They appear to show DVD’s just fine. Ofcourse, assuming you purchased the DVD player add-on for the Mac Air $100.00!

    If you are looking for something that last for a very long time. Try getting the “Dell Latitude e6400” which (if configured properly) can last you 19 hours. All you have to put it in is this setting called “all day mode” and the best part is… You can swap batteries! So if you are up for more than 19 hours… Just changed the battery and you can continue to connect to the world while in distand places. That means you can travel from USA to Russia in an airplane without ever wondering if your laptop is going to run out of power!

    Dell is the preferred brand for many business professionals and medical professionals alike. You wont catch a mac being operated in hospitals, courts, law-firms, banks, or financial institutions. This comes to show that pc’s are dependable. The US Army used a company called “Widow PC” and another one called “Cyberpower PC”

    If you want a powerful laptop, go for an XPS m1730 or an Alienware m9750. They both come with an extended top tier warranty. Some macs are very pretty computers however, check out the latest line-up of HP’s computers. Also, check out several of Dell’s newest line up! Nothing beats a beatiful computer unless it has raw power! Something macs have a short limit of… Power. If you want a beautiful computer with POWER… Go for a PC. I know what I am about to say is corny but… I am going to say it anyways because it is the perfect expression!

    “A supermodel with a PhD never looked so good!”

  6. dylan Says:

    i would li you to buy a dell xps cause it really easy to use and mac are really difficult to use.but if you know how to use mac it won’t be a problem to you but the you must buy accesories only for mac book if you wan’t a mouse and of course it will cost a lot of money.
    windows is better to use as many programs work on it alas for mac book only program for it would work.

  7. dylan Says:

    hope it help

  8. theguy Says:

    definitly dell, i’ve used it my whole life and i love it. Macs i find confusing and i hate the mouse and keyboard. If you you are looking for an awsome computer, go for dell.

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