Joel Osteen


I found out last semester that Joel Osteen will be here in Washington, DC at Verizon Center at 7:30pm on Friday Sept 5th. An interpreter will be provided. So now I am pretty excited about going. Tickets are 15.00 apiece. I have read his book, “Your Best Life” and also have his new one, but have not read it yet. He is a very inspiring person, I realized alot of stuff he’s said on  his show and in his books helped alot. Made me become more positive and not to dwell on the negative stuff.

Another event happening on Sept 8th, Celine Dion TAKING CHANCES WORLD TOUR.. show starts at 8:00pm at Verizon Center as well. Tickets are like 188.00 a piece. Yikes, pretty expensive like the Spice Girls were, but I bet they are worth it. Both events will have interpters there. So if you are interested you can go. Call Verizon Center accessible seating and they will put your name and phone number and you can just get  your tickets at Will Call.. I remember going to Celine Dion’s concert back when I was in middle school, probably My Heart Will Go On Tour or something. I went with my mum and it was so much fun.


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