Okay, so, maybe this might make me look TOO excited to go back to school. Don’t get me wrong, I love being home in the sense that it’s SO nice to be able to not worry about classwork and etc (granted, I took a class this summer online and despite all the turmoil I went through for it, I got an A on it), but at the same time, it’s so stifling after spending a better part of the year at school doing what I want when I want to without having to tell my parents about it. I’m not looking forward to the classwork this semester. I’m taking eighteen credits worth and I’m bound to be very stressed, but I’m just looking forward to being on-campus again.

So, I’m starting a countdown. I’m sure the majority of new freshmen and other college students are doing this: (*pulls up the calender as I write this to accurately gauge the amount of days left*)

11 days until I return to Gallaudet (where I will promptly join fellow gbloggers Colleen and Meredith on the Honors Retreat).

Thus, currently, I’m in that crux when I need to figure out what I ABSOLUTELY NEED, but I have to be careful since the new baggage rules at United requires me to pay $15 dollars for the FIRST checked bag (can we talk about how ricid that rule is?). Thankfully, it isn’t set to take place until the day after I fly into DC, but it’s still so stupid. I might take advantage of Mom then, who’s coming with since it makes things a lot easier for me to bring stuff out of storage since I’m not old enough to rent a car (drat!), but we’ll see. Yet, the point of this is that I’m really thinking about things I absolutely need and what I don’t. Then, I have to think about the playstation (gifted by my brother this summer) and if I should put it in another bag or not. Oh, the dilemma.

Oh, the reading? I checked out Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep (who wrote Karma Girl) today at the library and will proceed to read that on the train this weekend and then I’m making Mom buy me Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants at Sam’s Club where it’s 5.88.

In words of Sonic the Hedgehodge (must curb that playstation attachment), Cha!


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