Home Sweet Home Away From Home


          Technically, this is not just a blog for incoming freshmen, but for transfer students, too.  Leaving home sweet home to go to school in a far-away land is not a fairy tale—at first.  It is the “leaving” part that can be difficult, not always the “staying” part.  In fact, once you settle into your new place, new routine, new classes, and make new friends, you will probably ENJOY going off to school.  With this in mind, I thought I would give a few tips to those of you packing your bags and preparing to begin your new life at Gallaudet this fall; hopefully, making your transition into Bison Country much easier.  If other Gbloggers think of something to add to this, please leave a comment!

            Let us start with what to bring.  Plenty of warm clothes, walking shoes (think: sightseeing), shower shoes/flip flops (most of the showers are in community bathrooms), toiletries, towels, shower caddy, laptop and printer (if you have one), USB Memory Stick, camera, umbrella, alarm clock, bedding, clothes hangers, laundry basket, pictures of friends and family from home (either on your computer or in an album), and a great attitude are necessary for anyone coming to Gally. 

            Tip: I have found, from personal experience, that buying a door-hanging canvas (or plastic would work, too) shoe rack with lots of pockets was one of the best investments I made all year.  Not only did I put my shoes in the pockets, but I also kept bathroom supplies, my hair straightener, batteries, computer supplies (memory stick and wireless mouse), and many other loose objects in it for easy access and organization.

            Other things you may consider buying or bringing to school with you but are not essential may be a refrigerator, microwave, television, DVD player, iron and ironing board, and videophone (there are videophones in every dorm and building but they do not always work).  You may even want to bring things like pictures and posters to decorate your dorm room.  If you do that, then you will want to bring sticky tack (nails are not allowed).  Making your dorm room your own home sweet home away from home and decorating it will help you transition into college life.  Besides, it is so much fun!

            In addition, if you are flying here or simply wanting to lighten the load getting here, then you may want to wait to buy things like detergent, garbage can, school supplies, daily planner, reading lamp, and a fan after you arrive (some of these things are optional, too, and are only suggestions).

            You do not have to worry about bringing your own vacuum cleaner because they are provided and you cannot bring candles (I know, bummer) or any of the obvious things like firearms or explosives, etc.  Pets are also off-limits unless they are a service animal (bummer, again).  If you want to secure any of your valuables in your closet for safekeeping, you can buy a deadbolt lock to put on your closet.  Not everyone feels the need to do this, but some people feel more comfortable knowing that their roommate or roommate’s friends will not be going through their stuff while they are away.

            Lastly, Colleen Doyle is writing a handbook for all of you, so when it is complete, be sure to check it out!  This book will be written BY Gallaudet students and FOR Gallaudet students and will let you know what going to Gallaudet University is all about!


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