Twilight is not just a name for the time before a sunrise and after a sunset. (wikipedia, thank you, very much!) No, it is far more than that.

I spent almost the entire summer hearing about it from one of my co-workers in my classroom; she raved about it and anything with supernatural piped my interest. She told me I HAD to read it, and I assured her I would when camp finished. Well, it’s been about briefly a week and some since camp finished and I finally got a chance to sit down and read it. I finished the first book in approximately five to six hours. Then I informed my friend, S, that I needed more. I started the second book at 10 and finished at one. I stayed up to five am reading the third book before deciding I should sleep some then finished the third book of the series this afternoon. All of this just made me want to READ more. For sure, I am going to buy the fourth book tomorrow (it comes out August 2nd) and I marked the date for the movie for the first book.

It’s scary how easily I can obsess about a series. I keep becoming giddy every time Edward and Bella did something really sweet or whatnot. I had the same reactions to stuff when I read Harry Potter. I ignored my aim for almost the entire night despite the fact that people were talking to me. Really, all of this had done was remind me how much I love reading stuff, esepcially fantasy. I don’t know why, but something about the supernatural fascinate me so much. My desire to read had restarted.

Now, it’s almost three weeks before I go back and I feel like there’s a long list of things I need to do yet I don’t know what else there is to do. I decided that I’m going to make a goal for myself to read more fiction books for myself this year. I haven’t decided the amount yet or what books, but I’m going to make a list of books to read and things to do this year. It’s so hard to believe that in three weeks, I’m going to be back at school for my JUNIOR year. On top of that, I’m turning 21 this year; my brother is starting his final year of high school and whatnot. It’s amazing how time flies, especially when I look at people who have just graduated this past year searching for jobs and apartments.

I’ll add a list of books next time. cha!!


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