Gallaudet Won College Bowl 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that Gallaudet won the 2008 College Bowl competition at the NAD conference in New Orleans! The team consisted of myself, Jon Chanin, Tyler DeShaw, and David Uzzell. Our alternate, Jonah Meehan, was also there. And let me just say…we kicked BUTT!

I won’t lie, I was really nervous before the game began. I was nervous all day long, but in the last 20 minutes before the game began, I got really pumped up and excited. After the first round, we were ahead of NTID by just a tiny margin…but as the game went on, we pulled farther ahead, and all my worries went away. By the last few questions, we had clinched it – even if NTID had challenged each of them and gotten it right, they wouldn’t have passed us.

It was fantastic, and I am so thrilled. But I’m also exhausted. So that is all for tonight…just wanted to share the good news!


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