I Baht it in Bangkok… and needed the Bangcops


As I mentioned in my previous post, my friend and I had some clothing made at a local tailor called City Shop on my recent vacation in Thailand. We overpaid for the clothing due to a scam, but still the price wasn’t too bad considering US pricing.

Our first visit to the shop was tons of fun. We could basically have anything we could think of designed for us. As I said, my friend chose a suit and I had a silk dress made. We leafed through design books and chose the style we wanted our clothing. The tailors took our measurements and instructed us to come back the next day for a fitting.

We left feeling rather extravagant; I mean, we were having a fitting the next day!  We arrived at our fitting and saw our clothes that were very much ‘in progress.’ But still, we were able to try them on and get an idea for how they would look.

We were scheduled for one more fitting a few days later after we returned from Koh Samui, an island off the southern coast of Thailand. Our second fitting was promising, and my dress was complete and looked great.  My friend’s suit only needed one final adjustment.  We were very close to having fabulous new outfits!

We were headed north for a few days, so the tailors were going to drop the completed clothing off at our hotel the day before we left Thailand. That day we took a train from Chaing Mai, a city in northern Thailand, and didn’t arrive in Bangkok until around 9 pm.   After our long and exhausting journey on the train, we were ready to receive our clothing, and go to bed.  My flight left the next morning at 6am and my friend’s flight left at 9am. So, you can imagine our dismay when we arrived at our hostel and there had NOT been a delivery from the clothing shop. We were so frustrated!

We had half expected this to be the case, as we knew this shop was in the business of taking advantage of tourists.   We quickly called the shop and were surprised when someone answered, by this time it was 10 pm on a Sunday evening.  These shops tend to stay open late to cater to the night life tourism crowd.  The man who answered the phone spoke English and my friend tried to explain that we needed our clothing delevered, pronto.  However, the man refused to help us and actually hung up on my friend.

What were we supposed to do now????  The man who was working the front desk in the hostel overheard our phone call and situation and offered to call the shop for us, since he spoke Thai he figured he would have better luck.  Unfortunately no one answered his call.  He told us that companies like this were notorious for ripping people off and informed us we needed to go to the tourist police.

Great.  We were SO tired, my friend was not feeling well, and we had to get up crazy early the next morning. Now we had to deal with this. Sheesh! The front desk guy drew out a little map for us and told us how to get to the tourist police station. He explained it was 1.5 kilometers down the road. Of course, we’re from the US and have no idea how far that is, but one and a half is a small number, so we figured it was walking distance. Of course, we now know that 1.5 km is nearly a mile, which is still walkable, but we were exhausted and sick and it was literally a million degrees. Had we known, we would’ve taken a cab.   Oh well.

After a half hour of walking, we finally arrived at the police station.  We explained our situation and the nice officers told us that City Shop was not in their jurisdiction, and we would need to go to another police station.  Fantastic.  It’s now 11pm, and my taxi comes to pick me up at 3:30 am.  Yay.

So, we make our way to the other police station, this time taking a taxi. Again, we were met by very nice officers who genuinely wanted to help us. We explained our situation and an officer was sent over to the shop to try and retrieve our clothes.

He of course, came back empty handed. At this point our plan was to just dispute the charge with our credit card companies. We had been told by other travelers that to do this, we would need a police report. This concept was difficult to explain to the officers, due to the language barrier. Finally, the officers understood us and began writing up the report when the tailors called the police station. They told the officers they would bring our clothing to the hostel in an hour.

We were skeptical, but decided our only choice was to trust that this time they would deliver the goods. Because they called the station, we would not be receiving the police reports, so if they failed to deliver we would either be stuck, or have to make the trek back to the police station.

Fortunately around 1:30am, the tailors arrived at our hostel with our completed garments. Sheesh! I managed to squeeze in about an hour of sleep before my cab ride to the airport to take me home to the land of fair business practices.

Word to the wise: when shopping in Bangkok, pay with a credit card for major purchases…


19 Responses to “I Baht it in Bangkok… and needed the Bangcops”

  1. Memduh Sualp Says:

    We have traveled to Bangkok from Norway 23. sept. I have read about your experience of the “City Shop” tailor on Bangkok. We have had the same experience and they gave us a card and with address and a telefon number but I think it is written “wrong adress” on it. Do you still have the address of that shop? I would be very glad if you could help us to find the shop again.

    Thank you very much.
    Memduh Sualp

    • david Says:


      same problem here. Unfortunately just read this after my purchase. Let me know if you want their details. I have it.

      kind regards

  2. colleen Says:


    Thank you for the question, I’m sorry I don’t have the information anymore. I wish I did. These people are dishonest businessmen. If we hadn’t gone to the police we would have never gotten our merchandise. I’m sorry they got you too. Good luck.


  3. david Says:

    this is their website with details:

  4. Robert Peter Says:

    Hi guys, I have city shops address below hope it helps

    6,8, Mahaset road
    Siphaya, Bangrak
    Bangkok 10500

    We paid for our custom suit and dresses. They did not arrive at the agreed on time, knowing that we were leaving for Phuket in the morning. I too rang the shop late on a sunday night and a man speaking english answered and after explaining what the problem was he hung up on me. we were finally able to contact them when we were at the airport. we are now having our clothes sent to Australia by air (the only option they have) at a further cost to us.

    Rob and Deb

  5. Ken Says:

    well i have to disagree – i was in there shop at 4pm, explained was leaving the next day at 7pm so would need them by 4pm that very next day – i paid in cash!!!! – at 10.30 am the next day, my two suits, 5 shirts and three ties were delivered to my hotel room. no fitting, just trust that they would make the suits and shirts to fit.

  6. colleen Says:

    I’m glad you had a good experience Ken! Rob and Deb, I hope you get the clothing you ordered. I’m still happy with my dress!

  7. Liam Says:

    We had great experience with that clothes shop and i am looking to get more shirts made. Clothes were of great quality and i was hoping someone had an email address that i could contact the staff on to make an order. Website they gave is of no use tho. any ideas of contact details.. thankyou

  8. Jaap Says:

    Just in Bangkok and been at the shop, and reading this reviews, I have to say they are trying to sell the whole shop to you but just stay consistence and know what you want. Any way during first visit I ordered one suit, shirt and free tie. During next day fitting decided to buy an extra suit including vest with 2 shirts, and after some discussions for free 2 quality ties and a belt
    Maybe I made a mistake that the second suit was another design as it does not look so well done as the first, wich was by the way a lot cheaper
    But delivery in time as agreed at my hotel. So in principle a good experience. Just trying to get some information but their website seems not to work

  9. philg. Says:

    we had a really great experience! our suits, shirts and coats were perfectly tailored. the service was very professional! and we had 2 fittings in our hotel. everything was ready after only 3 days! we will come back !

  10. Robert Peter Says:

    The clothes look and feel great! we are very happy with the quality of the clothes and love the way they fit. Thanks guys, look forward to doing buisness with you in the future.

    Rob and Deb Peter

  11. Lorraine Says:

    My husband and I had business shirts, slacks and jacket made in a couple of days at City Shop. Ronny was our contact there. We’re both very happy with our purchases and intend to return when next in Bangkok.

  12. Dave Says:

    I had a fantastic experience at City Shop. I love my clothes, and they were ready FAST!.
    Ask for Sanjay. He treated me great!

  13. Ilene Eskuchen Says:

    Sawadee Kha! I’m about to go to Samui Island and I’m very excited about my holiday. Already got the flight to Bangkok and from there to Koh Samui, I found your nice blog on Yahoo and it seems that you know a lot about Samui. Could you please give me a hint where to stay on Koh Samui? I’ve heard there are some fantastic bungalows near Maenam and Choeng Mon… Thank you in advance!

  14. Keven Burrill Says:

    Have just come back from a terrific vacation to Phuket, stayed at Rocky Beach in the northeast part which is less hetic than southeastern areas, superior resort and awesome bays. We rented a minibike for only 250 baht per day and would drive around the entire area. So many tremendous sites to dine, our beloved spot was Sweet n Spicy which had the most terrific view over the beach, the faculty was quite nice and the food so yummy, we would go for sunrise drinks. My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time in Phuket Island and will be back for Christmas.

  15. Paul Flewellen Says:

    Very recently I experienced dealing with these smart mouthed, double talking
    bandits. They are complete liars, twist previous agreements and can not be trusted in any way whatsoever.
    There are several good, fair , honest& reliable tailors in Bangkok—- I know
    because I have used them over a 20 year period.
    City Shop , would be the most calculatingly dishonest trader I have come accross anywhere throughout Asia !
    DoNOT trust them.

  16. Tom Says:

    I got taken to City Shop by a tuk tuk driver from my hotel after saying I was interested in a tailored suit. The service was great, nice shop, professional staff a wide range to choose from. Picked what I wanted, got measured up and went back that evening for final adjustments to the suit. Was promised the suit would be delivered to my hotel the next day. It was and I’m very happy with it. I would use them again.

  17. Thailand Says:

    Bangkok is the capital of the smiling country. I do like going here twice a year. I usually stay four days in bangkok. Have visited Tiger Temple a couple of times. And MKB numerous amount of times.

  18. Torsten Kosteter Says:

    We bought suits, jackets , pant , shirts etc. for a large sum. We found the personnel to be very professionel. Everybody just loves theri cloths. We had the delivery in the airport comming back fra Ko samui , we had a 4 hours transit stop. even if we were one hour late at it was 11 p.m. they were stille there with all the clothes. We would happily go ther again.

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