NAD is Coming Up


Let’s not mention how long it’s been since I’ve posted here, and go straight to the subject!

I am really looking forward to the NAD conference, it’s less than 2 weeks away now! And it might not even feel like forever, because I don’t have to work the whole time. It feels like I have been doing nothing but work for a very long time…VRS is seriously sucking my brain. But next week we are going to get together and do “bonding” stuff for College Bowl. I’m hoping to drag everyone to Six Flags America, but it would be on our own dimes, so we’ll see. The College Activities desk has tickets for $27 so it might not be too bad.

But the NAD conference will hopefully be lots of fun! We are getting there mid-day on Monday the 7th, which means I’ll miss a workshop I was hoping to see, and I’m leaving mid-day on Friday the 11th, which means I’ll miss another workshop I was hoping to see. Oh well, maybe I’ll just spend the whole time in the vendors room buying stuff I absolutely do not need! I’ve heard mixed reviews of the VPAD from people who bought the beta edition at Deaf Expos, I’m hoping Viable will have them there so I can get a first hand peek.

We are flying down on Southwest and I am flying back on AirTran. I’ve never flown either before that I can recall. Cross your fingers that I get a decent seat on Southwest and that AirTran doesn’t resort to its old ValuJet ways from 10-15 years ago… *eek* /


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