For Aslan!


I watched the new Chronicles of Narnia movie recently, “Prince Caspian,” and I loved it! Granted, I have not read the book and many of my friends who have read it thought the added romance between Caspian and Susan ruined the film. Oh well. I think it added some wonderful and much needed humor to the story. In fact, I think I liked “Prince Caspian” better than its predecessor, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” 

I loved some of the themes in “Prince Caspian;” I suppose mainly because I feel that I can relate to them. For example, when Lucy sees Aslan, tells her siblings that she saw him, and then does not follow him because she does not want to go alone, I am reminded of the many times I do the same thing. I know that God has called me to do something, no matter how significant or insignificant it may seem, and then I do not do it because no one else is doing it or will do it with me. I do not understand why I refuse to follow God for these reasons because I see myself as an independent person who does not need to have others with me all the time.

Another example: throughout the majority of the movie, the four-some and Caspian did not know who to fight for or why they should fight. Before going into battle, it is important to know why you are fighting and who you are fighting for–otherwise, your army gets wiped out, much like the scene where the castle gate closes, trapping many of the Narnian fighters inside and leaving them to get killed. Peter, Edmund, Susan, Lucy, and Caspian tried every entity they could think of, besides Aslan, to fight for and, in turn, they lost every time. Caspian went so far as to almost bring the White Witch back, he was so desperate to find someone whose power they could fight under. However, at the end of the movie, they give up, having reached the end of their rope and having no other choice, and they turn and put their trust in Aslan, who saved them the last time they were in trouble and defeated their foes with his unmatched power.

Again, this reminds me of the many times some major crisis confronts me or some difficult problem arises, and I try to work it out myself. However, since I am human and I have no power in and of myself to overcome these difficulties, I continue to ignore the one answer that never fails to solve any problem I encounter, and I search for other means to fix it. After losing every battle and realizing that I have no other options, I finally turn to Jesus Christ who has been the only answer to overcoming my life’s obstacles. Would you believe that He never fails? In the same way that Aslan defeated General Miraz’s army and won the victory for the Narnians, God has defeated and won the battles I have tried repeatedly to fight and win on my own.

Aslan never gave up on the Narnians or the Pevensie siblings, he simply waited until they were completely ready to trust and believe in him and then he took action. I think that sometimes God does the same thing. The Bible says that He never leaves us or forsakes us, so God is always with us, but I think He sometimes waits to work in our lives when we have hit rock bottom and we have nowhere else to turn but to Him.

So, I pray that the next time I am faced with a daunting problem that I cannot overcome, I will turn to Jesus first and let Him take care of it. Only then, when I give my burdens to Him, will I know my battle cry. Peter’s battle cry was “For Aslan!” For me, my battle cry will be “Jesus!” and I know He will be my help in time of trouble. I will “call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and I [will be] saved” (Psalm 18:3, NIV) for “no one whose hope is in you [Lord] will ever be put to shame” (Psalm 25:3).


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2 Responses to “For Aslan!”

  1. Scott Williams Says:

    I really agree with that what you talk about this blog. I love this movie really good. Next 2 years will be 3rd movie again. You will find out. I can’t wait. I’m agree with you that I need become more strong spirit when I will come to become freshman in August. I can’t wait to meet you someday. 🙂

  2. Casey Says:

    Thank you, Scott, for responding to my blog! Going to college is a big step and it does often require a strong faith to make it through. I pray that God directs your steps and makes your faith strong. Are you planning to come to Gallaudet this fall?

    God bless,


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