Holy Batman!


It’s Friday night. I’m all ready to just crash and it’s only…9:32pm my time. Good god, what’s wrong with me?

Work started this Wednesday and I never really realized how much work and effort Counselors have to go through in order to create a lesson plan and whatnot, and… yeah. After a nail-biting three days, I have created the first week of activities for the kids to do.

I find it absolutely amazing that the first week theme is Superheroes! Instantly, I’m taken back to the days when the Amazing X-Men were on television after school was done and Saturday morning cartoons like Batman and Superman. My favorite superhero was always Wolverine, even before Hugh Jackman took on the role for the movie. [Now, of course, I absolutely adore Wolverine even more!!] All the superhero movies coming out in theater the past few years and this summer makes me reminisce about my childhood and the daily joy we as children experienced.

Sometimes, I think that people need to take a step back from the hectic lifestyle and just enjoy themselves and do something completely fun. I would absolutely love to be able to make a superhero costume (without being laughed at!) when it isn’t around Halloween and do fun things like playing hopscotch or drawing with chalk. Maybe it’s the fact that I STILL have a little bit of ADD and being creative has been the only thing that really made me focused.

Yesterday, I found some old books that I made when I was a kid in summer school/school. Sometimes you marvel at the things you used to do when you were kids. I used to make magazines and be in the mail club with my friend, who I saw everyday and lived a mere minute walk from. I still have some of the postcards she gave me.

So, I leave you with this little moral (hidden in the rambling and thought-provoking things) let go a little. If you don’t do it already, do something entertainingly stupid like stopping in the middle of the day to do cartwheels or have a little snowball fight during winter. Heck, even make a fort out of chairs and sheets to relax in. Now, I’m off to finish my paper for summer school, which is a story for another time!


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