How Dreary All This Sunshine


Today, I made a resolve: I will NOT spend a month bumming around for A MONTH next summer, especially if I’m stuck on the couch again next summer. I was out with Mom today for that annual meeting with VR (which we got after a tiny scare – whew. thank god for Dad’s meds!), and I declared to Mom that I was in need for some Starbucks (Mocha Light with no Whipped Cream, thank you). We were sitting there and she suggested that I look for SOMETHING for a month before LICA began. I nodded and passed it off, but meeting with L for dinner later changed all that. She and I were talking about jobs, and discussing different ideas for L to apply and look into, and L told me she wanted to do something interesting… and since we were discussing zoos, it made me think.

I resolve not to bum around next summer and look into internships for me to do, maybe with my major, maybe just for fun. As much as I would love to go to Europe, I don’t have three thousand dollars to afford a trip to England and I really want to have an experience that might prove valuable later on in life and maybe prove to be some sort of thing I might want to do later if I have a hard time finding a job in education. The only problem in this resolve is that… I don’t know WHAT to intern in. I would love to do something in Chicago, but I’m not so sure how resolved I would be when it comes to going into the city alone. Suggestions would be great, but for now, I will check out bison career link. Maybe something will come up. Or I could try for Disneyworld… I just need someplace to live and my Aunt lives SEVERAL hours from Orlando.

Speaking of which, I miss my friends and Gallaudet a lot right now, probably an effect of being independent for the school year. Three more months and then I can resume to live in this place I call home (DC, not the dorm, thank you very much). Furthermore, thrilling news – rather recent, but my neighbor and former playmate (when we were kids!!) had just accepted an offer from Minnesota Twins. I feel kind of proud even though I hate baseball – now, I can actually appreciate watching a game of baseball because I can go “I know that kid!” 🙂

Happy June!


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