Ain’t no party like a Gallaudet Party, cuz a Gallaudet Party won’t stop!!!


Partying is part of college life by nature.  Weather you are the partying type or not you often will find yourself taking a chance or faithfully attending some sort of party in celebration.  The graduation party we went to was one for ages and may not be topped for a long time in my book.  Despite the small dance floor in the Martini Lounge on the Historic H street people tended to dance the night away in celebration of the graduates completion of their degrees or the completion of the end of another looooonnnnnngggggg semester.  

As usual,  I was there with my crew and we are always behind the camera lenses before during and after the party.  The smooth jazz, and R & B thumping through the speakers ended the night as we stepped out the doors to finally hit the racks only to rise again in the morning to clear the dorms and head back to our native hometowns.   


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