No Bumming Allowed


Recently, my sister pointed something out to me. Like I said before, I had planned to teach a class this summer, but, when that fell through, I began spending my time selling my mom’s book collection on Ebay and driving my sisters to their summer activities. Despite doing these things along with helping with the chores around the house, my sister asked me if I was going to bum all summer. Bum? I did not realize I was bumming, nor did I feel like I was bumming, but she thought I was.

Well, this got me to thinking. How am I going to spend the rest of my summer? Am I going to “bum” or apply for a summer job? I started looking through the job listings and ads in the paper and online, but there seems to be nothing available except for full-time, long-term faculty, office, and construction positions. I need a half-summer job since it is already June. Who would want to hire me for two months? Apparently, every store in town has hired all the help they need. That leaves me with a problem.

My mom went out to lunch today with a few of her friends and one mentioned that a camp was looking for camp counselors for the last half of the semester. Perfect. That solves my dilemma. However, the camp runs until four days before I have to be at Gally for soccer training camp. So, I think I will see if I can work for the last half of the summer minus the last week of camp to give me enough time to recoup and pack. If they still have the position open, I could avoid “bumming,” earn some extra dinero, and, most importantly, have a great time hanging out with kids. Someone say “Yay!” to no bumming!


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