Back to School Again


Taking a summer class this summer, and it started today. Of course, to benefit me entirely with my busy all-day schedule next week and the fact that this is my local community college, which requires me to go out of my way to get an interpreter, etc.

Anyways, school began today. I just felt a shiver at school. Yeah… I, being the eager student, signed onto the website to read the syllabus when my eye caught something menacing… “courseware”. I checked out the website, and my mouth positively dropped. It costs seventy-five dollars for a glorified computer software CD. The worse part about it was that it just added salt to my pain. On top of paying three hundred dollars to take ONE class, I had to pay seventy-five to actually do this class. I don’t get my first paycheck until July 15th. I feel this will be a long, boring, and very very uncomfortable next few weeks.

So one of my papers is that I have to visit another location not associated with my religion (this is world religions course), thus I could go visit a mosque, a buddha temple, etc. The only issue I have with that is the fact that I’m going to have to schedule an interpreter to understand what they say, and thus, I have a feeling, it will be awkward for me since I’ve become so used to having a direct communication (e.g. teacher to student), not one from teacher to interpreter to student. Huh. Reminds me of high school.

In other news – I am pleased that Obama won the democratic nomination (hooray for ILLINOIS senators). I just have to go register to vote. Still. Whoops!


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