God, Zeus, and Me


“Until the Lord moves you, you bloom right where you’re planted.” -the movie, Facing the Giants

My mom and I were talking the other day. You know the kind of conversation that involves plans for the future? My mom was sharing her story about how she chose her major in college and how God used her passion for teaching, people, psychology, etc. to do what He had called her to do, and I was sharing about how I had chosen my major and what I planned to do with it when I graduated.

Always, at least in my family, when the topic of future plans comes up, so does the topic of God’s will and plan for our lives. It is difficult for my finite mind to grasp an infinite God, but I try to anyways and this was one of those times. My mom and I were talking about how God uses our passions, what we enjoy, activities we like, and so on to do His will.

Oftentimes, I think some people (including myself) believe that an all-powerful God is sitting in heaven with a lightning rod in his hand like Zeus, waiting for us to make one little mistake, messing up His plan for our lives before He sends lightning from heaven to strike us down and put us in our place. For example, we spend countless hours trying to decide on a major that is going to fit into God’s tidy little plan for our lives when we, being the not-so-infinite beings that we are, do not know what God’s plan is for our lives in the first place. He could not possibly believe that we should already know what His plan is since He chooses to keep it to Himself and only reveal a little of it at a time. So, why are we so worried that we are going to choose the wrong major, or job, or husband, or whatever?

All the more reason to pray, I suppose. God can open and close doors to various opportunities if He so chooses, and He can allow us to pursue goals that match our personalities and passions. He is God and He can do as He pleases. Yes, He does have a plan for our lives, but we should not feel so inadequate at making decisions when we do not know what His wonderful plan is to begin with.

It is like we are driving along the highway of God’s will. We can make choices as to which exits and roads we take, but God is ultimately in control. He can block or open exits and roads and help us along the way to our unknown destination if we ask Him. No matter what happens though, God will never leave us nor forsake us, and He will work everything “for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28, NIV).

I hope you find this encouraging. I know I did. Sometimes, I can feel like I keep hitting a brick wall and cannot do anything right, but that is okay. I will keep trying and pursuing the things that God has given me a passion for and, I keep praying, that God will use my life to glorify Him and accomplish His will in the process. Like the movie, “Facing the Giants” reccommends, I will bloom right where I am planted until God tells me to move.


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2 Responses to “God, Zeus, and Me”

  1. Monique Says:

    Hi there,

    My name is Monique & I’m part of the PR team for Sherwood Pictures–creators of FACING THE GIANTS.
    Thank you so much for supporting the movie on your blog! We wanted to keep you informed of their latest project–FIREPROOF.
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    Again, thanks for blogging!
    Lovell-Fairchild Communications

  2. Casey Says:

    Thank you, Monique, for your response! It was very encouraging! I loved “Facing the Giants” and “Flywheel,” so I am definately looking forward to “Fireproof!”

    God bless,

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