How Do Vloggers Do It?


I wanted to make a vlog in response to some discussion on a forum. I feel that the “Open the Directory” petition website has out-of-date information that is hurtful to Sorenson, other VRS providers, and deaf users of VRS services. The information should be updated, and I was going to explain in a vlog why it needs to be changed.

But then I had to edit my vlog. It was about 20 minutes long, and nobody wants to watch me that long! So I was editing it, and I kept staring at myself, watching myself, seeing my words in front of me over and over. And I’ve given up. I am going to keep my thoughts to myself, for the simple reason that I hate looking at myself on video. So I want to know…how do vloggers do it? There are lots of great deaf vloggers, and not everybody is a beautiful movie star who reads a script in front of a camera! I am comfortable expressing myself in ASL, that’s not the problem…it’s seeing myself on video.

Yes, I am a fat chick…I’m working on it! And I look really super pale on video. So when I am editing a video of myself, I see a bright white whale in front of me, and I hate it! But surely other people have this problem too? How do they manage to edit their videos? How do they produce so many great vlogs? I just absolutely hate watching myself on camera! (I always keep the “self-view” on VPs turned off because I don’t want to see that either.)

By the way, this is an issue for Gallaudet students too. Many classes are requiring assignments to be submitted in ASL now; GSR 103 students are given webcams to help them with this, and there’s video editing suites in multiple places on campus. When I had to do it for classes, I just swallowed my pride and hoped that only the teacher would see me. But it was still tough, knowing that I had to film myself for class. So that’s something for potential students to think about.


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