Another one bites the dust*


Today, after almost a month, I FINALLY got the new sidekick… the third one, thank you. My sidekick acted up a month or so ago just as I was getting ready to go home. The problem: the motherboard. The battery wouldn’t hold a charge and it kept shutting down on me and making this noise of motor running, so I was supremely frustrated… then, it shut down on me RIGHT BEFORE I was to go to the airport. Imagine my anger, my shock, mt frustration. I had to go home and my sidekick would be no help to me in contacting my parents – who are hearing and require a phone call in order to let them know I reached the windy city (aka Chicago) fine and needed a pick-up.

So, this little title and clip is a homage to my old sidekick – little sidekick jr., and a welcoming of a new one. Plus, the whole point of this post is to look at sidekick. I don’t get why we MUST have the sidekick. After all, they can be so bad at time. My friend’s friend has a sidekick and she once marveled at it and he told her that this was his fourth sidekick THAT YEAR. Sometimes I wonder why we have an obsession with the sidekick.. and then i wonder why the sidekick isn’t that amazing. Perhaps because tmobile doesn’t have any real competition with any other phone from the other companies… I mean, blackberry are also made by tmobile, etc etc.

Things are going absolutely fantastic here. I have turned in an application for a job at the Dollar Store yesterday, I found out news about my summer job and summer pay for it a few weeks ago (FINALLY!! After three years as a one-on-one aide/jr counselor (two years ago), I’m FINALLY a counselor!). Then, on top of it all, I only have one more week before I can move into my room. Ah! Yes! Okay, I’m clearly just pointing out fantastic things happening lately because right now, I must conserve money since I have less than one hundred dollars in my account and my savings has been drained by summer school. (curse you, summer school!!)

Oh, I believe Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is calling me. I shall bid you fond farewell for now.

*”Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen.


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