Its Official!


I am now an official Ebayer. It was a long, hard journey to get to this new-found status, but I think it will be worth the effort in the end. Until this past semester, I had never bought or sold anything online. That changed though when I was only able to find two out-of-print books that I needed for the Spring on the Internet. Then, when I came home on Mother’s Day for summer break, my mom asked me if I would be interested in selling her homeschool materials and other books and such on Ebay. She even offered to give me a percentage of my sales, so of course, I agreed. Here I am, many hours and several applications later to tell you that I survived–barely.

I found it quite frustrating that after I had finally completed the applications required to become an Ebayer and a PayPal account holder and had entered in all the necessary information about my first item, that my Internet connection failed and I lost all my hard work. Well, I suppose I was stupid enough to fall for this trick several times before I caught on to what was going on. With this in mind, I had a new sense of pride in myself for outsmarting my computer as I avoided the failing Internet connection and pushed the “submit your item” button–only to lose everything again. “Why me?!?!?” I felt like screaming aloud. Again, I inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to calm my shaking nerves, and entered everything as it was before and lost it just the same. At my wits end, I contacted the Live Help for, well, some help, which they cheerfully gave. Come to find out, it was a glitch in the system. A bug. Something that I could have spent the entire night fighting in vain had I not asked for assistance. Oh, when will I ever learn?

Wait, don’t answer that question.

So, as I said, I am now an Ebayer–an official Ebayer. I sold my first item yesterday. I just hope I learned something from this experience like “pride goes before a fall,” “don’t be afraid to ask for help,” or “don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Those would all be good lessons to take from this experience, I think.


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