Expelled…A Continuation


First, let me correct and clarify a few points from my last blog. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. What I should have said so that you would know who I was talking about is that Henry Ford was the man who helped establish the Ford Motor Company. Also, let me say that when I wrote the question “if we descended from monkeys, why are there still monkeys hanging around,” I wrote it from personal experience. I know that the theory states that chimpanzees supposedly split into two different species–more chimps and humans. A fellow student asked this question in class one day and the professor replied, “That is too complicated for me to answer right now. That is a discussion for another day.” She avoided the question. That was my point. We are losing our freedom to ask such questions and scientists, scholars, and inquisitors are losing their freedom to explore the answer to that question as well as other questions.

Second, I wanted to add something to my blog. In biology, like I said, we learned how every living thing originated from the same common ancestor. This is called macroevolution. However, these same teachers and books that were teaching us that every different species that lives on earth today originated from one species a long time ago (whether that means billions of years ago or 7000 years ago does not matter) also said “chemical reactions do not create or destroy matter; they only rearrange it in various ways” (page 29, Biology: Concepts and Connections, 5th Ed. by Campbell, Reece, Taylor, etc.) and “The ability of organisms to reproduce their own kind is the one characteristic that best distinguishes living things from nonliving matter. Only amoebas produce more amoebas, only people make more people, and only maple trees produce more maple trees. These simple facts of life have been recognized for thousands of years and are summarized by the age-old saying ‘like begets like” (page 126 of the same textbook above).

In other words, they contradict themselves.

Forbid it that anyone should question them though or do more experiments to test those theories. I just find it hard to believe people who contradict themselves, you know? If a prokaryotic cell could produce only its same kind of prokaryotic cell and still, after enough time, morph into a human being, then I might find this theory a little more believable. But, according to what my professor said, this is not possible, but it is possible, but it isn’t, but it is (Ahhh!!! See what I mean?).

At any rate, this is not my point. My point is that we are losing our freedom to believe what we want, question what others say is fact (or theory), study other methods, learn about other ideas, test other hypothesis, read other material, debate, talk about these discrepancies (in this theory or any other for that matter), and many other things. I simply want others to be aware of this issue and to be willing to stand up for the right of ideas (both your ideas and the ideas of others) to flow freely in our country. Only then, can we actually move forward and learn more about ourselves and the world in which we live. Thank goodness we live in America where we can pursue such a goal!


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