To Write or Not!


As I write this, I’m watching Doctor Who. A fantastic little show from England. It’s the second run of this series, and my god, the current Doctor is rather yummy. If you saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie, he plays Barty Crouch Jr. The name of this delicious actor: David Tennant. My suggestion: if you have SciFi channel and you happen to be home on Fridays at 9pm (Eastern), watch this show. You’ll be hooked on it almost immediately. Then, you are ordered to come and tell me all about how much you hate me for hooking you on it and gush about the Doctor and the episode etc etc. The young man on the right is David Tennant, yummy right?

Well, that’s besides my point here. During the school year, I have done three or so things: work, dealt with classes and dealt with the odd drama or two that cropped up during the school year. So, the last day I was on-campus, B and I ran into the new Editor-in-Chief for Buff and Blue. After a few minutes of conversing, she informed us she was looking for new writers for the newspapers. At first, I rejected the idea. My past expeience with journalism wasn’t pretty. I hated getting quote and my articles flopped during high school. I was finished with it after one year. My junior year, I turned the yearbook which was a lot more enjoyable for me.

However, I’ve been talking with B and I am rethinking it. While I certainly don’t have time to do it, I could do it once in awhile. To write or not – that is the question. While I ponder that, I need to preserve battery. Mine’s about to die on me. Reminder to self: check out the charger problem again soon. Ths is me saying farewell.




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