Financial Aid for Next Year


I guess grades don’t mean much for getting financial aid at Gallaudet. My first year, I got $2500 per semester. I brought no academic history with me, so that was presumably a need-based grant. I’ve been waiting for my financial aid papers to show up in the mail, but I thought I’d check the online system. Looks like I got the same as last year, $2500 per semester, even though I did so well academically last semester! This kind of sucks, in my opinion…I was hoping that working hard would be rewarded with scholarship money or something. I guess I should look into outside scholarships – not that I’m eligible for any, I suspect – but I think doing so would affect my grant. I don’t need to have grant money replaced by scholarship money, I need grant money in addition to scholarship money! Oh well, perhaps it’s not finalized yet. I can always keep my fingers crossed that when my report comes in the mail, it’ll have more attached.


One Response to “Financial Aid for Next Year”

  1. gucasey Says:

    Hey, Meredith! I know last year I had trouble getting enough grant money too. My EFC was zero (0) and we weren’t supposed to pay anything at all, but I only got about $2500 a semester as well. But, I went back to financial aid after school had been in session for a few weeks and said that I needed more or I couldn’t pay off my balance and they gave me a little more scholarship money. God is so good! Anyways, I’d encourage you to do the same if you need the extra money…if there is any left, they are usually pretty good about giving it out after you beg a little 🙂

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