Hanging Out


I had a great time with my friend Colleen tonight! She is staying here for the summer to take classes, and she’s also doing an internship with the Link. I got off work today at 5, so I went over to her room in Peet to hang out for a while. Her roommate has left, of course, so she has the place to herself for a little while!

Anyway, she needed some food, so we decided to take the metro to Target in Columbia Heights. The metro stop is right across the street so it’s really convenient! Take the red line from Union Station to Chinatown, transfer to yellow/green towards Greenbelt, and get off at Columbia Heights. Take the left exit out of the metro and you’ll see the store to your right, it’s so convenient! There is a Best Buy there, and a Bed Bath & Beyond (perfect for dorm bathroom needs), a Payless, a Radio Shack, and more.

We decided to stop in Chinatown for some dinner before we went shopping. Admittedly the neighborhood is very gentrified, but there’s still some actual Chinese restaurants there, and that was what we wanted. I tried taking her to Chopsticks, a place I used to frequent when I worked half a block away, and it turned out she had been there the very first time she came to DC! Unfortunately the place has been cleared out and it’s being replaced with some fancy Asian Nightclub or whatever. We ended up at Jackey Cafe and got the dinner combo special.

Then we went on to Columbia Heights! We went to Target and did some major shopping. I got several shirts for pretty cheap, and a belt to replace the one I used every day until it broke! Colleen got one shirt and a bunch of food; we commiserated about the Gally bookstore’s high prices for Lean Cuisine frozen meals, and their 4-for-$5 AA batteries. Ouch! The Columbia Heights Target is a much better place for starving students to shop. If you’re not too desperate for supplies you can also run down to Rite Aid at 8th and H, and you should only shop at the bookstore for regular stuff if you’re really sick and you need some Benadryl or Pepto right away and you can’t wait. Great source for Gally and ILY merchandise, and bottles of soda are just $1.35, but don’t shop there for sundries.

We had already left the mall area when I realized that Best Buy might have the Wii game I have been wanting to play for months now. So we went back inside and I found it – it’s a scuba diving game called Endless Ocean. Since scuba diving is what made me HOH in the first place, I figured a Wii game was much safer! I don’t actually have a Wii, but Colleen does, so I bought it with the condition that she lets me come over and play it once in a while!

With the game in hand, we went back to the metro. When we got to Union Station, we discovered that we had just missed the shuttle. Colleen was smart and checked the shuttle schedule that is posted in the station attendant’s booth, and we had about 20 minutes to wait. We sat on the steps of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (I worked there once) and chatted; a few other people approached to wait too.

When we got back to Peet, I unpackaged Endless Ocean and loaded it up. Once I was good to go, Colleen went to start some laundry. I fumbled around a bit in the game, and she watched me play – unfortunately it’s a 1-player game, so we will have to take turns watching and playing. I didn’t leave until almost 11:30, so I got home really late! But I had an absolutely amazing time, and I’m looking forward to lots more hanging out over the summer!


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